The 170km long and 5km deep Nazaré canyon creates the largest and most fear-inducing waves on the planet.

Between November and March, Sítio da Nazaré and its iconic lighthouse has become a hotspot for eager observers hoping to witness the surf show of a lifetime.

As ‘the holy grail’ of big wave surfing, Nazaré attracts a community of intrepid surfers from across the world that dedicate their lives to riding it.

One of these big wave riders is North Devon local and dryrobe® Ambassador Andrew Cotton. Ditching plumbing to pursue his dream to be a professional big wave surfer, Cotty has ridden down the face of some of the most extreme waves recorded in the world. Even after breaking his back after an infamous wipeout, he returned to the big wave surf scene determined to ride the faces of these monstrous walls of water.

In dryrobe’s® latest film (shot by Johannes Hertel), Cotty talks about his big wave career, connection with Nazaré, what motivates him to keep chasing these colossal waves and why quitting isn’t an option.

“I always just wanted to be a surfer. Within surfing, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. And my weaknesses were “surfing” and my strengths were just going straight on bigger waves.”

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a big wave surfer, you’re about to find out.

Cotty wears the Black Camo Black dryrobe® Advance.
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