Barry Trevet with his rare find.

Another smalltooth sand tiger shark has washed up in the UK this time in Lyme Regis, Dorset. It is only the third found off the British Isles in the last two months.

Weighing in at 17½st beast and over 10ft long was received by fisherman Barry Trevet who saw it floating.

It has been picked up to be assessed Zoological Society London. The shark is more common in warmer waters and scientist are looking into the possibility of currents changing leading to more species off the British coasts.

Surfers and fishermen are seeing a huge recovery in numbers of tuna, dolphins, herring and boat fish off the south west approaches over the last three years. Tuna have returned to the coast of Cornwall in large numbers after an absence of over 50 years.

Despite alarming language sharks don’t pose a threat to humans in the UK.

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