Andy Tyrrell in action 

Photos: Paul Blackley unless otherwise mentioned.

The Dave Gray Memorial Surfing Competition took place on Sunday 13th November at Compton Bay in highly contestable 2-3ft clean surf. The contest marks the remembrance of Dave Gray one of the Island’s most influential surfers who sadly passed away in 2017. The club also marked Remembrance Day by gathering on the clifftop for two minutes silence at 11am with passers by joining the surfers to pay their respects.

Casper Hornsby 

The sun was shining all day with temperatures climbing to the high teens, it felt more late summer than mid-November. This year’s event was well attended; divisions included the Open, Womens, Junior Under 18 and Junior Under 14 all drawing talented local surfers to the line-up. 

Cordelia Dewey Photo: Sienna Anderson

Dougie Newell 

An early stand out was Toby Payne (11) who caught the eye of the judges with some fantastic surfing both before and during the event. Toby is the definition of enthusiasm in and out of the water and a well-deserved winner of the U14 category.  Hot on his heels in second was Casper Hornsby (11) who showed that there’s more than one competitive surfer in the Hornsby household! Beaux Harwood (11) was both graceful and dynamic in her approach to take third and rounding out the final was Lilah Ranson (8). Lilah got some of the biggest cheers of the event showing that small can be cute but, in her case, small is also MIGHTY!

Frida Hornsby 

Fynn Truman 

Izzy Spence 

Jago Tasker (14)  fresh off a highly successful season competing all-around the UK showed why he is now considered one of the best up and coming surfers in England. Jago took the win the Under 18 category. Fynn Truman (16) has something every surfer wants and that’s style which he used it to good effect placing second. Third place went to relative newcomer to the Surf Club, Kallum Orchard (18) who surfed really well to get himself on the podium. Rounding out the Junior U18 Final was Isaac Boswell (14). Isaac who spends part of his year in Morocco really knows how to turn a surfboard, he will definitely be one to watch in the next event providing he can be convinced to don an even thicker wetsuit and embrace the British winter. 

Jago Tasker 

Jago (above)  continued his winning streak by securing 1st in the Open division against a field of tough opponents.  Jago’s surfing just keeps getting better month on month, year on year. I think we all knew he was going to start beating the men in competition; although some of us hoped he might give the old guard a few more years before sending us out to pasture. They’ll be a few experienced surfers working on their A game for the next event, one of which is Andrew Tyrrell who is always a standout in the island’s surf. Andrew couldn’t find the waves in the final to really get going but still made some critical turns to place second. Dougie Newell can ride anything from foils to skateboards and everything in between. Dougie took third on a board he made himself! Taking fourth in the Open Final was Harry Matthews who caught more waves than the rest of the competitors put together! He shall now be known as ‘The Energizer Bunny’ or just ‘bunny’ for short- which I’m sure he’ll enjoy.

Lilah Ranson 

Madi Dew Photo: Sienna Anderson

The Isle of Wight Surf Club has a strong female membership and the Women’s division was a competitive affair. Madi Dew and Cordelia Dewey went back and forth for the win but with a couple of critical turns Madi gave the point of difference to take first place with Cordelia second.  Frida Hornsby (15) the only junior to make the Women’s final, surfed well to take 3rd place with Sarah Archer 4th overall.

Sarah Archer, Jagos mother.

The next event is The Isle of Wight Open in memory of Lee Sheaff. The waiting period is February – March 2023; the contest will be called on only with head high plus surf! 

Thank you to all the supporters of the event: Rapanui, Earth Wind Water, Honeybourne Jewellery, Stance Europe and Glory Art Glass.

Toby Payne 


1st Toby Payne
2nd Casper Hornsby
3rd Beaux Harwood
4th Lilah Ranson

U18 Juniors
1st Jago Tasker
2nd Fynn Truman
3rd Callum Orchard
4th Isaac Boswell

1st Madi Dew
2nd Cordelia
3rd Frida Hornsby
4th Sarah Archer

1sr Jago Tasker
2nd Andy Tyrrell
3rd Doug Newell
4th Harry Matthews