The town council are demanding SWW are held to account for sewage pollution.

Porthleven Town Council have declared an ‘Environmental Water Emergency’ and have demanded action be taken after concerns were raised by both Councillors (led by Cllr. Munday) and members of both Porthleven Surf Club and Salty Sisters (wild swimming club) over the number of sewage pollution alerts in Porthleven.

The town are the second in Cornwall, to do so after Newquay’s Town Council demanded action be taken to stop South West Water to stop CSO discharges off the towns beaches.

So far there have been 6 sewage pollution alerts in Porthleven this year and 9 last year, all causing potential risks to any users. The Town Council are concerned that there is a potential risk to health, the environment and economy of Porthleven and as such made the following resolution at the Town Council meeting:

* Request South West Water immediately deal with the water quality issues in our local area with a robust plan for their network.

* Declare an Environmental Water Emergency around water quality

* Call on Cornwall Council and the Government through our local MP to do more to hold South West Water to account over their poor performance the last 10 years.

* Invite a representative from the South West Water to attend our next meeting to explain how the work they are doing will improve the situation we have in Porthleven.