‘Surfing No Kandui on the first day with some sets reaching 10ft + was clearly the best and biggest day of the trip.

A scary wave at best as you can’t tell which waves will let you escape the channel with its long fast shallow barrel. 

Just ahead of Kelly Slater, during the middle of the day my best wave came. I ‘freehanded’ it on my backhand which is always an exclamation point. Such a special day surfing with Kelly and the other guys that were having a dig.’

Overall, a memorable and unforgettable trip as the other surfers were all so enjoyable to live with over the 2 week trip. Good laughs, food and waves. @billykean

Surfer: @billykean
Video/ Edit:
Photographer: @swillpics
Wearing: C-Skins long sleeve UV protection rashie for under the Indonesian Sun.