This mini documentary by @fariasmoreno portrays the swell that has been seen in Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu, with the first INTERNATIONAL BIG WAVE OF @lobosporsiempre, experienced on Monday, August 15.

“It is a celebration of big wave surfing, publicising the magical break of Punta de Lobos Park, promoting initiatives for the conservation and protection of the coastline, promoting local culture and thus activating sustainable tourism.”

Says director Farias Moreno

“Thank you very much to the great work team that accompanied us in this great dream, to the surfers, to the public, to the sponsors who make all this possible and to everyone who supports us along the way. Today the satisfaction we have as an event is enormous since thanks to the BIG WAVE we can continue supporting conservation actions in the Punta de Lobos park.

“Thanks to the sea for giving us that day!”