George on the cover of issue 199.

Sennen stand out George Carpenter going to surf from sunrise to sunset surf, on longest day of the year to raise funds for the charity Cornwall Mind.

“On the 21st of June, the longest day of the year, the sun rises at 05:13am and sets at 21:36pm, I’m going to be surfing for 16 hours at Sennen cove, from the moment the sunrise all the way through to sunset without leaving the water.’ says George

“If the waves are flat then there will be a back up date. The idea of this surf is to raise money for the charity Cornwall Mind who are a mental health charity working out of Cornwall. I feel we need much more support for mental health here in Cornwall.

I’ve chosen this charity as it means a lot to me after me and my family after we recently lost a loved one due to circumstances regarding mental health. I’d love for anyone to get involved with me and make this a team effort or even to paddle out for a short while to share some waves!

If you have a spare penny, any donations to this page >

They would be massively appreciated and it’s going to an amazing cause!