It’s the year 2022, Range Rovers out number Willzy-like souped up cars 10 to 1, there’s a Netflix series called byron baes, botox is in, affordable housing is out. The surf is more crowded than the boxing day test with Warney flipping a few, fires rage and floods engulf us but one thing will always stay the same: Rex Hunt is still a Desmond.

A local fast paced and electric surf film starring Soli Bailey, Kieren Perrow, Kyuss King, Garret Parkes, Joel Paxton, Zak Skyring, Duke Wrencher, Jhamil “Nuke” Coorey, Nick Colbey, Cash Cow, Piney Jyoti Walker, Torren Martyn, Finn Crisp, Hobbit, Brick, Crab, Tom Donny etc.

In loving memory of Ben King

Desmond – A byron bay surf film by Nick Colbey
Edit: Nick Colbey
Filmed: Milo Inglis, Nick Colbey, Grigs
Water: Nick Colbey, Grigs