Meet Luke Grifo, young gun and talented lensman of  “Champagne Sorbet”, featuring a full crew of NZ rippers and showcasing the wave drenched coast of New Zealand, click in and enjoy.

This film isn’t a big project with companies bankrolling us. It was us pretty much stringing together a trip every few weekends whenever the waves were good. Traveling around NZ with my best buddies was what made it special. Leaving the parties behind to find waves was refreshing and I recommend it for sure.

Some surfing in this film isn’t quite of the caliber from those films that inspire my friends and I. Rather than making a 10 minute piece featuring the best waves from each trip, the film has a loose sort of narrative to make you feel as if you’re partly there on the trips themselves. From the best waves to the blow ups, and all the other antics between.

Hope you enjoy the film as much as we did while making it. I recommended viewing the film super loud with a crew of mates, and too many cold beverages. – Luke Grifo,