If you spent the 90s watching videos, yes videos, such as Tweak Freaks, and What’s Really Goin’ On / Wrong, you’d be aware there was a surfing underground revolution going on. The likes of Jo Crimo with his raw style was well ahead of the curve, his pop shuvits and varials on his skateboard were mirrored in the surf, he was as punk rock as they come.

His life was tough, in and out of trouble with the law, issues with drugs as with many paid a huge part. But he was an inovator in the water, and part of the raw aerial revolution in surfing that is now mainstream today. RIP Joe Crimo.

Joe Crimo and Necro had worked on a complete grip setup together, they had a sample made which is still brand new and unused.  They  are selling this sample and will donate the proceeds to Joes Family here.

You can aslo donate to his funeral fund and family support here.