Jamie O’Brien has spent more time surfing Pipeline than the average person has spent watching television. Given that Pipe more-or-less is Jamie’s living room this kinda makes sense. Kinda. Jamie has put the hard yards in at the North Shore’s holy grail, and his reflexive surfing at the Banzai is a clear reflection of the hours he has spent in the water, a stone’s throw from his balcony, or lanai, for anyone who’s been to Hawaii.

Repetition can however bring boredom, and while most surfers might consider surfing a different wave or enjoying a well-earned lay day, Jamie has found the best way to tame the *tedium* of seven-outta-ten Pipeline lies in a few extra inches and a whole lot more foam… enter the soft-top!

In the latest instalment of Following, join Jamie as he test drives a few of his foamie favourites at Pipeline and beyond, fully proving that the man is capable of riding just about anything at one of the craziest waves on the planet. Sit back, get the popcorn going and enjoy the latest episode of Following.