Following a huge public backlash against MP’s voting against placing legal obligations on water companies to stop pumping sewage into the environment including holding them responsible for their votes, demonstrations, news coverage and two landslide votes in the House of Lords, the Government apparently shifted course and announced that it would enshrine into law a duty on water companies to progressively reduce adverse impacts of sewage discharges.

This is appears to be a huge step forward to #EndSewagePollution but the full details are yet to be announced and as we all know this government are at best economical with truths.

It is vital that the measures announced by the government put a legal duty on water companies to drastically reduce sewage discharges into our precious rivers and coastal waters are followed through. So keep on to your local MP and make sure they know their decision will be remembered.

Government MPs named for failing to support the call for water companies to be bound by legal duties quickly issued poorly thought through excuses for their vote, most of which had been debunked since 1990, and played victim cards. But it was too late. The public had made their voice heard.

SAS said

“We hope that the Government amendment to the Environment Bill reflects that which has been put forward by the Duke of Wellington and supported emphatically by his fellow Peers.

“This issue is back in the House of Commons this week and we urge MP’s to support enshrining an end to sewage pollution in law.

Hugo Tagholm, CEO of Surfers Against Sewage says:

“Over the past week, Ocean Activists across the country have raised their voices to declare that the continued destruction of our rivers and coastline is not an option. A huge thank you to everyone who has spoken out and forced the government to realise that we won’t accept the status quo of polluted water and profiteering water companies any longer. People power can force positive change.

“We look forward to scrutinising the government’s new proposals to make sure they will legally oblige water companies to invest to end sewage pollution – anything less will be unacceptable to the millions across the country demanding the protection of our precious blue spaces.

“We welcome the Environment Bill’s amendments on data, reports and presenting plans for improvement, but the crucial piece of the puzzle is the legal driver for water companies to act. The devil is in the detail and we demand an Environment Bill which seeks to end sewage pollution.

“After decades of raking in billions in profit, the water industry must now plough investment into protecting and restoring our amazing rivers and coastline. This landmark Bill must ensure that happens.”

Surfers of Bournemouth made their feelings well how with a great paddle out. This is legend Guy Penwarden.

It is vital to remember that water users have already paid for improvements promised at privatisation in 1990 it’s just that the water companies chose to spend £57 billion on shareholder dividends over the last 30 years.

Stay tuned to see how your MP votes.