New documentary reveals Italo Ferreira’s origins until the historic Surfing medal

Coproduced by Billabong and O2, ‘The Curious Tales of Italo Ferreira’ will be launched globally and for free this Wednesday (8) on Red Bull TV

First Surfing Olympic champion, Italo Ferreira has his story revealed in his first documentary: The Curious Tales of Italo Ferreira. Available exclusively on Red Bull TV from *September, the coproduction between Billabong and O2 tells the surfer’s history, achievements, and challenges under a unique story angle.

“When we started to shoot in Baia Formosa (RN), I couldn’t imagine that it was going to be so emotional. I’m imagining the people watching it… I got emotional, so I think people will feel a little bit of what I felt during my history, and how hard was to face some challenges but never give up”, tells Italo.

“And a curiosity for everyone: I’ve asked the team to launch the film only after Tokyo, because I was going to make history there, and wanted it to be featured on the production”, reveals.

The approximal 45-minute documentary goes back to Italo’s origins, in Baia Formosa (Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil), through testimonials (and a special voice over!) from friends, family and the city community, as well as through rare footage from when he was a kid. From his start on Surf using a Styrofoam cover, to the sugarcane trails to find the best waves, the production brings Italo’s essence to the audience, while he continues to be ‘a kid full of dreams’.

“To see myself in front of the cameras, and giving voice to my friend’s story, was incredible and emotional. When I was speaking to the cameras, I got emotional also, while remembering some stories. This shows that we reached a place we never expected to, thanks to Italo. I’m only grateful”, says Buxexa, Italo’s childhood friend and the voice of the film.

The film also brings an unknown side of Italo Ferreira: the explosive and energetic surfer also shows his very shy side and his focused look outside the sea.

“Italo’s story is like no other in surfing,” says Billabong VP Global Marketing Evan Slater.  “And we’re proud to work with Red Bull and 02 Filmes to share his inspiring journey with the world.”

“Italo is very shy and is not a big fan of interviews. It was the first time I did an interview with people in action. Katiana, Italo’s mother, was sewing; Luizinho, his father, was cleaning fish; and Italo was inside the ocean. We got super close to Italo during the production, which made everything easier. We laughed a lot, it was a really intense experience and we got to learn a lot”, says Luiza de Moraes, the film’s director.

The Curious Tales of Italo Ferreira is available for free on Red Bull TV 8 September.