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Well I thought this was good timing to post this considering the @bbcnews story of #sharkencounters and how my perception has changed.
Listen, as I gasp for air the moment I see the surfer. I knew they were there because the #whiteshark had passed them previously to get to the #fishschool, the #surfers snuck up out of the bush on this remote beach and I didn’t have time to tell them , @themalibuartist sees #greatwhites passing people on a regular basis over in California. Notice how the white shark actually gets freaked by the surfer and darts off around the right off the screen. This #shark🦈 I estimate at around 1.75 to 1.8 m small juvenile

Don’t forget it’s their ocean and we still need to respect them and attacks can happen but are extremely rare, more rare than we previously thought, now we can see what’s going on from air. – @dronesharkapp

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