Pipe Master, backhand barrel beast and out standing competitor Jeremy Flores is to leave the WSL.

So many good things to say about this kid, but not enough time. We’ll just let the video do the talking.. Watching him get chaired up the beach at Hoss was all time.

Good luck in your next chapter.

“I don’t like the word « retiring » because i don’t feel like i’m retiring at all, I’m moving on to the next chapter. I dedicated most of my life to Surfing competition. It’s been a rollercoaster, lots of ups & downs but damn i lived it to the fullest. Some epic moments. I tried to stay real the whole time, maybe too much sometimes 🤣 But it was all worth it ! If someone told me, when I was a kid, the success, the life i would have, I wouldn’t of believed it. Because of professional surfing i am now lucky enough to live a happy life & provide for my whole family.
High level sports is no joke, there is a lot of things people don’t see behind the scene, it’s intense, it takes so much energy. Since I became a father my priority totally changed, I want to be 100% there for my family. The last few years I haven’t been putting enough effort to be my best version of an athlete. I didn’t have that fire anymore. It was getting hard to keep up with the new generation who are training so freaking hard 🤣

“Anyways, thank you to everyone who believed in me since day 1 & the one who didn’t because it made me who I am.

“I’m frothing to work on new projects, surf trips with my friends. Try to send a positive message out there the best way I can.

“Big thank you to all my brothers & sisters who I got to spend time with on tour along the years, Love you guys !

“Thank you to @quiksilver who been having my back for 24 years, for giving me the opportunity when i was just a kid to make my dream possible.
And of course thank you to my family for keeping up with me all these years. I’ve always had the best support. I’m excited for the future. Love you ❤️.”