An Orca ( possibly more the one) was spotted off the Minnack Theatre, west Cornwall yesterday.

Will McEnery-Cartwright who took the shots said..

“Well today something crazy happened!! I was taking in the views and drinking a coffee at @minacktheatre and I spotted a whale fin in the distance. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I realised it was an Orca (Killer whale). Wow!! Showed a staff member called Dave who confirmed it was an Orca! Looking at all my pictures again and doing some research online it looks like there might be more than one, possibly John Coe with the distinctive notch on the dorsal fin and a chunk out of the tail fluke?”

The whales have been spotted off the coast before but are rare. The sighting follows an increase in rare sealife that has been spotted off the coast including minke whales and the return of the Tuna fishery to Cornwall.

It’s amazing to see, but the big question is, what else is following the baitfish?