“Part of surfing these remote locations is that you’re in some of the most dramatic settings in the world” Irish big wave surfer Conor Maguire gushes on surfing in Ireland.

This latest content drop from Red Bull features Ireland’s top big wave surfer, Conor Maguire, describing the magnetic pull of surfing in Ireland. The short documentary is a visual feast of some of the gnarliest wave conditions on the planet as Maguire rides some of Ireland’s biggest slabs; Mullaghmore, Riley’s and Aileen’s.

Maguire talks about the majesty of the whole experience stating that “when you’re actually in the water, surfing is only half of the experience, you’re looking back at these sheer cliffs that feel like the edge of the world”. He recounts the energy of the place from the roaring seas to the rich history engrained within the practically untouched Irish landscapes making the perilous hikes down huge cliffs and switch-backing goat trails worthwhile.