At first sight, it looks simple. Find a swell on the weather models. Read its trajectory and decode its data. Anticipate its evolution and choose the right place. Going from theory to practice and scoring. Except that the reality of a swell in South-West of France, from les Landes to the Basque Country, is quite different.

“Even if the forecasts are exceptional, you can be in the wrong place or have the wrong timing”, will analyse Rémi Arauzo. Juggling between chance and expertise, flipping heads or tails, is the daily bread of the surfer from Vieux-Boucau (Landes), double European longboard champion in 2008 and 2010.

For several winters, Rémi has chosen to share his passion for big waves with Léo Havion. Both of them combine their unfailing determination every time the weather models get agitated.

“Pile ou Face”follows in their footsteps during a winter swell in the South of the Landes. From the analysis of the swell to the almost perfect session, through the final preparations and the precious logistical details, plunge into the daily life of two surfers who feed on failures to find perfect waves.