The desert meets the sea: what could better? Room to breathe. Room to think. Room to do your thing. Trevor Gordon, Bryce Baker, and Noah Wegrich head south of the border with Perry Gershkow to do their thing. A couple of 4×4 rigs got them where they needed to go, and even more sleds handled the remaining aqueous terrain. With dust everywhere, sometimes you’ve got to Light It Up!

Oh, but that’s not all. Those of you with a keen ear might have recognized the groovy hum of a melodica. No, you are not mistaken. That is no other than Farmer Dave in the mix and he brought friends! The backing song, “Special Surf Movie Song,” is the new LA outfit: Crystal Shingles. The group consists of familiar Critters & Lurkers: Ben Knight (guitar, vocals), Farmer Dave Scher (keys, melodica, arrangement, vocals), Matt Correia (drums, percussion, vocals), Clay Finch (guitar, percussion, vocals), and Dan Horne (recording, mixing, engineering). Special Surf Song indeed!