Billabong Adventure division head north to test out the new Graphene wetsuit.

Starting today, 100% of Billabong wetsuits are made from recycled materials.

Billabong proudly offers its new line of premium Graphene-infused wetsuits with a sustainable twist. For the first time ever, ALL Billabong men’s and women’s wetsuits are made with recycled jerseys, liners and foam, repurposing millions of plastic bottles from our oceans and landfills. This is yet another giant leap for the brand whose entire line of boardshorts is made from recycled P.E.T. plastics.

“We’ve been making a lot of progress on this front over the past couple of years,” says Global Wetsuit Director Scott Boot, “but we’ve found some new ways to incorporate even more recycled materials into every style of suit we make. This includes recycled plastics, scrap lycra and upcycled car tires. This is the first time that our entire line reaches a minimum threshold of 80% recycled materials, with some suits as high as 100% recycled materials.”

In addition to Billabong’s commitment to making its entire range of wetsuits with recycled materials, it is also doubling down on the superpower-like properties of Graphene. The lightest, strongest and most heat- conductive material in the world won a Nobel Prize in 2010 and has had a dramatic effect on a wide range of industries, from aeronautics to consumer electronics to apparel. Infused into the linings of Billabong’s wetsuits exclusively for the first time in 2019, it’s been proven in independent studies to heat up faster and retain heat for up to twice as long as traditional thermal liners. “It seriously feels like you’re surfing in flannel pajamas,” says Billabong team rider and World Surf League star Griffin Colapinto. “I was literally sweating in Alaska even though I was surrounded by icebergs.”

The Billabong Wetsuit key styles include the Furnace (their warmest, most premium suit with full Graphene lining), the Revolution/Surf Capsule (a Graphene-paneled suit maximising style, warmth and performance) and the Absolute/Synergy (a Graphene-paneled suit maximizing value and warmth). Each suit offers a variety of thicknesses and built-in hood options, but regardless of what suit you choose, you are guaranteed to pick a suit made from recycled materials. Even better, this is just the beginning of Billabong’s commitment to making a more sustainable, high-performing wetsuit.

Griffin Cola, Tyler Warren, Becca Speak and Eithan Osborne, put their new Billabong Recycler Wetsuits featuring
Graphene to the ultimate test.

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