Kolohe, cool in the French shade. Photo Sharpy

The 2020 Schedule Preview Show? Yes. You read that right. Chris Cote and Pat O’Connell have just done a live broadcast to go through the events for next season and the big news is G-LAND IS BACK! Keramas is gone but one of the sickest lefts in the world is rightfully back on tour. Here’s hoping it’s as epic as it was in the old days.

So here it is the 2020 tour:

Corona Open Gold Coast – Mar 26 – Apr 5
Main takeaway is Quiksilver are no longer the banner sponsor.

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Apr 8 – 18th.
The longest-running event on the slate keeps its legend alive, 43 years and counting.

Margaret River Pro Apr 22 – May 2nd
The WA event rounds off a non-stop Oz leg. Fingers crossed for Box or North Point coming to the party.

Quiksilver G-Land Pro  June 4 – 14th
Not been a comp since 1997 but when Quik did run the comp in the mid ’90s it was insane. A very welcome return.

Oi Rio Pro June 18 – 27th
Always entertaining but much-maligned Rio is on again. The tour is dominated by Brazilian riders so it would be insane for it not to be there.

Corona Open JBay July 7 -19th
One of the most popular stops for the pros and viewers the epic African point retains its spot.

Tahiti Pro Teahupo’o Aug 26 – Sept 6th
The scariest wave on tour keeps it spot. Phew.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Freshwater Pro Sept 15 – 21st
Kelly’s tub is not popular with the riders or viewers. But here we are again. Please bring back Trestles instead.

Quiksilver / Roxy Pro France Oct 1 – 11th
The European leg keeps on keeping on. Thank flip.

Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal Oct 14-25th
Peniche survives. They sorely need to get back to using the backup spots rather than using wonky Supers.

Billabong Pipe Masters for the men. Maui Pro for the ladies. Dec 8 – 20th
Hawaiian end games as is good and right.