Jordan Zervas is having a great summer. After being one of the youngest ever surfers picked for the full English squad at the Europeans he has been training at his home break – Fistral – for the upcoming Boardmasters and dropped a new edit. Time for a quick catch up then!

So how were the Europeans? How did you feel about getting the call up for the English team?
Waves were super fun got through to the semis in the main round, then got knocked out in the repo. It was super exciting to get selected for the English team a real honour considering I was with some of England’s finest surfers.

British longboarding is on fire right now. I don’t think we have ever had so many surfers competing at the very top level across so many international events. It must give you a lot of confidence going into comps?
Yes it does help, we have such a talent pool of surfers, surfing with Adam Griffiths and Ben Skinner regularly helps motivate and push me and also keeps both feet on the ground as they are both on a different level and can be quite humbling.

What are you looking forward to most about Boardmasters?
The atmosphere is amazing surfing your home break with some of the world’s finest.

The chart is looking pretty solid. Do you think this will play into your hometown advantage?
Hopefully yes, I surf North Fistral more than anywhere else.

Who are your favourite international longboarders?
Taylor Jensen, Ben Skinner, Adam Griffiths Piccolo Clemente are just a few.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
After Boardmasters I am off to the WSL Galicia Longboard Classic in Spain, then I suppose a bit of travelling and training.