Joshua Karbus is a 9 years old surfer, skateboarder and free diver who growing in deep connection with the ocean. His parents settled down in little surf town called Lahinch at the west coast of Ireland 15 years ago. The family loves the ocean and all that they do is based around waves and coastal adventures. They live and breathe for outdoors and takes kids everywhere with them. When Josh was one year old, parents introduced him to their friend wild solitary Bottlenose Dolphin who lives by the coast and Joshua literally grow up with this dolphin. His dad is a world-recognized nature photographer and all family always follows him on his adventures around the world. Because of that Joshua was swimming with Great Hammerhead Sharks when he was five and when he was six he already free dive with Humpback Whales. Joshua started surfing when he was two years old and he is a young talent in Ireland now. He loves his surf skateboard too and likes to skate at the most unusual places.

Wild Child capture Joshua’s adventures when he was 8 and 9 years old on places like Hawaii, Mexico, California and Ireland.