John John Florence will be pulling out of J-Bay and likely the 2019 CT season due to a ruptured ACL and the correctional surgery he is opting for.

“Unfortunately, in Brazil I ruptured my ACL. I’ll be pulling out of J-Bay and likely the rest of the CT season. I’m opting for surgery so I can be 100% next year. ”

JJF aggravated a knee injury that took him out of the 2018 season, doing a huge air in Brazil and pulled out of the comp.

“I went to do a fly-away with all that speed. As I hit it, it kind of just bucked my back leg, which was the knee that got injured last year. It just felt like a really good tweak to it — a bit of pain — so I was just thinking in my head, ‘it’s super powerful out there right now and I get really excited to do airs, so I should just go rest it and try to make sure it’s all good…’ Looking in the long scale of things, the rest of the year is a lot more important for me at this point.”

Its big blow for the current world number 1. Lets hope it all goes well and he’s back in full form in 2020.