Surfing’s palette of greens and blues is so ingrained it’s really odd when it doesn’t appear that way. The Bong sorts have gone with an infra red vibe for their new clip which is all kinds of otherworldly.

Being immersed in surfing can sometimes feel as if your stepping into a portal into a different planet where life becomes more colourful. The freedom, the smell, the excitement, you become one with your surroundings. A place where you can roam free, surf empty waves and strip away all the noise. This collection emerges out of a surreal jungle…one with painted palms that are untamed and wildly expressive. Bold colour collides in a vibrant palette that will linger in your dreams.

Athletes: Laura Enever Felicity Palmateer Alessa Quizon

Music Credits: Perera Elsewhere “Wait N See” Courtesy of Friends of Friends Music

Creative Direction – Scott Wynn @griimm_collective Editor – Scott Wynn @griimm_collective DOP – Sebastien Zanella @sebzanella Videographer – Nate Lawrence @lawrence_photo Photographer – Woody Gooch @woodygphoto