Generally, in the UK we yearn for winter classic days and take our quick windows of opportunity where we can. Especially in February when it can be snowing and your wetsuit is a frozen block in the back of the motor. It is not the norm for it to be pumping for a week straight, with record-breaking warmth and constant offshore. It was legit shorts weather, parts of the land hit 20C yesterday while getting lit up by the swell of the year so far. No idea what is going on but we like it…

Cribbar Friday (first shot is Fistral on Sunday, all bigger pics by Sharpy)

Mark Vaughan was down from Welsh Wales on biz and rocked up to the Cribbar Friday looking very dapper. Him and Nate then found out it was a bit too windy, both snapped their sleds. Monday was the day for the Crib.

Somewhere in the southwest all lined up and dreamy.

Badlands bombs.

Markie Lascelles shralping instead of shaping.

If you could get a spot in the Gwithian car park Sunday you could have had a sniff of this.

South Fistral.

Josh Ward enjoying a quiet Sunday session.

Bearman relishing a rare spot. Shot by Andy Holter.

Meor mood… Shot by Warbey

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I think I’m gonna print this one, BIG.

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Not forgetting the start of this run of swell over in Ireland…

Fistral chunks… Shot by Andy Holter

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Some chunky waves this evening

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Cribbar was cooking Monday… Shot by Concrete Ocean

Combesgate Bombie by Paul Barrington

Rob Miles, Wales. Photo Michael Norman

The system what done it…