Win a Z-Flex, 80’s style skateboard

Founded in Santa Monica in the 1970’s, Z-Flex has become one of the longest running Skateboard companies in existence. We have partnered up to give one winner a Z-Flex 80’S style Crystal Z-Bar skateboard worth £119.


At first an alternative to surfing when the waves were flat, skateboarding soon took priority for a group of skate/surfers eager to prove themselves. Hitting the local schools in an attempt to mimic the big wave surf styles of their idols, the Zephyr team, or Z-Boyz as they came to be known, quickly developed into a phenomenon in their own right.

Riding low, fast and hard, the Zephyr team took the existing version of gymnastic, handstand based skateboarding, fuelled it with the aggression of the streets, and things would never be the same again.

The phenomenon continued as California found itself in the grip of record droughts, causing many residents to empty their swimming pools. The Z-Boyz saw opportunity, and dove right in to these newly exposed playgrounds, sneaking into people’s back yards, skating as long as they could, and then running to avoid the inevitable police presence.

Z-Boy Jay Adams, regarded as one of the best skateboarders ever, eventually broke away from Zephyr and started EZ-RYDER with half of the original Zephyr skaters. 6 months later EZ-RYDER changed it’s name to Z-Flex.

The Skateboard

Up for grabs is a Z-Flex 80’S style Crystal Z-Bar. Worth £119, this board is complete with dazzling blue reflective graphic on an epic 80’s shape, 31.25” x 9.75”, 7 Ply Construction, 60MM 90A Z-Pro Wheels, 6.25″ Z-Flex Trucks.

A winner will be drawn at 5pm on Thursday 6th December and will be contacted via direct message on Instagram. Good luck.

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