Noa Deane is a 23-year-old surf prodigy from the Gold Coast of Australia. He is a hard-working freesurfer that will go countless days perfecting manoeuvres in international waters. Noa is respected by the legends of the sport and looked up to by the youth. In the past five years, Noa has dropped some of the world’s most talked about web clips, destroyed a couple of big-budget surf films, and won Surfer Poll’s “Andy Irons Breakthrough Performer Award.”
He is in short one of those guys that are defining the art of freesurfing in modern times.
Steve England had a chat. Action/Indo photos: Andrew Shield Urban photos: Volcom

Sorry to hear about your injury. Always sucks, but I am sure you will come back frothing.
Yeah, can’t wait to be back in the water again.

How does the WSL getting into air shows sit with you?
I guess it’s pretty hard to tell being they have only done one of them so far; it could be cool if the waves provide and the people in the event go for it.

Do you think they are a more exciting format, or do you think they should modify the main heat format, so it reflects modern air surfing?
In a way they are both similar because you are competing I think one is a bit more serious than the other, and maybe the air shows bringing a little more fun back into surfing.

Is the Waco pool the best air section ever?
Definitely, a very nice section that was in the same spot every time, wouldn’t say best ever but it was sick.

How did you find the comp?
I was saying as a format I think this has more chance of entertaining people, at events like the Olympics than standard heats. I had a lot of fun in the comp I think because it was just fun and no one was too serious, also there being a wave every 45 seconds I guess that makes it a little more fast paced to watch than standard competitions

Pools in general: yay or nay? Would you be happily surfing a series of wave pool events or would you still miss the ocean?
I can see it going almost like freestyle snowboarding (or whatever it is called) and halfpipe. I could do a series of events in wave pools but I would way rather just surf in the ocean, I think once they make the waves in the pools way bigger then it could be a little like snowboarding in that aspect.

I liked the Waco comp, looked fun, but then I saw a couple of spontaneous airs in France that blew me away. I think it was the freedom of expression and being in the moment as much as anything. Do you feel the same, or do you like the pressure and anticipation of lining up a ‘run’?
I think for sure airs are going to be more exciting done in the ocean, it’s just like doing a trick backcountry snowboarding as opposed to a jump that is perfectly built for launching.

Is there any progression left in aerials or is it 1000/1 shots now?
I guess the pool ramps (if you can get on them enough) will fast track progression. I think for sure, no one has done a convincing off the lip kickflip. Lots of things are still to be done in the way of progression, and the pool is going to come into play with that … but does it matter if you didn’t do it in the ocean?

Following on from that what is your as yet unpulled masterstroke?
Not sure to be honest.

What’s a typical day like in Noa world?
Pretty chill, feed the ponies with my girl maybe have a surf or a skate play some guitar.

Who would be on your all-time ideal boat trip? Surfer or not…
Be nice to go with some skaters and snowboarders; they would trip out I think; it’s such a weird experience but a good one.

You seem to enjoy your time in Europe genuinely. Do you have a favourite country/destination, where and why?
I have a good time in Europe, the food and wine are exceptional, also the waves have a lot of power which is nice. I like going everywhere, hard to pinpoint one spot if I were going on a surf trip strictly I would have to go for Indo.

Give two hoots about the Olympics?

Is surfing still cool?
Haha! I don’t think so at the moment.

Five goto tracks for a road trip?
Dinosaur Jr- Freak scene, Pavement- Father to a sister of a thought, T-Rex- Debra, Jesus and Mary Chain- Head on, Hüsker dü- Diane.

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