Have you seen the ads? Firewire from £76, Channel Islands from $116, Bings $106.. Lib Techs, Fannings, Taklyamas and Waldens all at amazing prices.

As much as I would like to believe you can have the worlds best quiver for £1000 with free packing and post something is not quite right here. So I asked the UK’s importers what was going on and they are reporting a phishing ‘scam’.

Multiple cloned websites and targeted Facebook ads look pretty legit. Even when you dig down through them, until you release you simply can’t pack and post a board for 70 bucks much never mind make any money out of selling it.

Traces back through the damian’s are coming from China and rerouting through Holland. A US surf shop has had their site cloned. It is all happening.

Please be aware, report the ads and inform others.

Domains affected include surfstationstore and surfboardstores. There are multiple fake FB pages but they all lead these domains.