Slightly out of the blue, the home nations were informed that the 2018 ISA World Games to be held September 15-22 in Japan required a British team rather than the individual home nations. So BSURF took the results from key competitions (ISA, Euros, WQS) from the last two years combined with data from UK Sport to select a British Team. Next year, the British Championships and British Cup will be the key selection event.

In 2016 and with the exciting news of Surfing being in the Olympics, the Home Federations (England, Wales, Scotland, CI) came together and recognised the need to organise and support a British team when needed. BSURF was a legal collaboration agreement which outlined the terms of engagement between the feds.

Since then, two members of each federation meet regularly to share best practice between nations and strategise on the delivery of a British team.

From this process the British Team and a Coach and Manager were named as:

Jay Quinn (Wales)
Luke Dillon (Eng)
Reubyn Ash (Eng)

Ellie Turner (Eng)
Peony Knight (Eng)
Lucy Campbell (Eng)

Coach: Dave Renaud
Manager: Minnow Green

All the organisations have been pushing really hard for core sport funding but without evidence of true medal hopes in the eyes of the Sports admin, the team need to raise the funds through good will. They are aiming to raise £20,000 for travel expenses tho a Gofundme page below.