Miguel Pupo verses Michel Bourez must have been one hell of heat because it has been on my Facebook for about an hour now. I’m trying to watch Jordy Smith versus Thomas Hermes, or anything more recent than one that happened 11 heats and a shark warning ago …7 hours 45 minutes.

As a regular viewer of WSL I’m not of the whinging variety. I love the live surfing and I understand saltwater and sand do not mix well with cameras and internet. I also remember the time when ringing someone in Hawaii and then waiting three months for photos to appear in mags was cutting edge world tour coverage.

But this Facebook take-over sucks BIG TIME. It is unwatchable.

The stream of angry faces tell me I am not the only one. Probably the most used emoji on the live feed thus proving we all got the hang of that button pretty quickly.

I have nothing else to say. I’m that disappointed. As roll outs go, it’s an abject disaster.

Proof is in the comments section few screen grabs of which are below.

Please sort it out WSL.