13 year old grom banged out by grown man for taking selfies on a pink foamie?

I mean really…. Is there any excuse?

Sure some spots are secret, some have long established locals and pecking orders, some spots the groms do need a bit of guidance on etiquette. But they are groms, it’s their job to be annoying.

But hitting a 13 year old for sitting on the inside trying to get little barrel shots like his hero JOB. Then hitting his equally young friend and beating up his old man for objecting… Ridiculous, indeed criminal.

No locals in their right mind would think this type of behaviour reflects surfing culture. The so called “White shorts’ of Tamarin must be really cringing right now.

Tamarin is a good wave, but fickle and not one that’s going to see an influx of tourists because of a 13 year olds selfie clip.

Time for police intervention I’m afraid.