Iceland the frozen food retailer has developed a new beer to use unsold and previously wasted bread that will also raise funds for Surfers Against Sewage.

Its “Bread Board” beer costs just £1.80 per bottle or three for £5 was developed in partnership with Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel. The brewers replace some of the malt in the brew with bread, so the bread is more than just a flavouring. Iceland will donate 10% from each bottle to SAS.

Iceland boss Richard Walker said: “It’s actually easier for Iceland to take action than it is for most companies because we are a privately owned, family business. “Plastic-free aisles in supermarkets aren’t a bad idea, but they’re not enough.”

Iceland was the first major supermarket to commit to eliminating plastic packaging on its own brand products within five years.

It’s this kind of creative thinking and partnership building that all major supermarkets, brands and indeed governments will have to embrace in future to cut waste and reduce pollution.

Great work