So as the diesel dust settles from the Surf Ranch wave train (hope it wasn’t built by VW) a new wave making tech was launched which looks like it just made the WSL Olympic dream wave obsolete.

The question you have to ask as a wavepool owner is what price surfers would pay to surf your wave, how many waves they expect in a session, and the gap between rides they are happy to wait. As a guide Surf Snowdonia works. It’s been fully booked for a long time, six surfers on the advanced wave – three per side, for an hour works. As we saw last night Surf Ranch.. well it takes a while between waves. And it’s one sided, so it will hold three surfers per hour. If you’re a businessman and you work that out on a return on investment you’re looking mega bucks per surfer per sessions to repay.

So when the Cove popped up you can see why surfers and business men took note. Now there’s this thing. A controllable, multi wave, variable concept.

As entertaining as brief moments of the Founders Cup were, it’s an elite wave only the rich, or fortunate, will get to surf. This thing offers more chance for more of us to join in the fun.