The Olympics, we don’t need it in my view. We have Jaws, Mavs, Nazare, Chopes, Pipe. We a lifestyle everyone is enviable of, we have very cool representatives, way way cooler than football players… So why do we need to constantly chase mainstream acceptance? Mo money? It’s not everything.

Anyway, if you are chasing an Olympic dream, fair play. BUT if you really want to engage the mainstream, it won’t be on a Ranch Type wave pool – mainstream don’t get subtle hand jives to increase tube time, they don’t get 15 half tags to the pool liner. What they get, and snowboarding proved, is air. Not a one foot oop that wouldn’t raise and eyebrow on a Brazilian beach. Proper air ala snowboard halfpipes.

Mainstream get aerial acrobatics. They can watch it with goldfish like attention spans. Spin to win. In one moment of sublime skill Seth Moniz just showed what they would get.

Most surfers of course would love to get barrels all day. But a mainstream TV audience… History has shown what works – big waves. And as you can’t put big waves in the Olympics, basically this it.

Put the new air crew on this, you have game.