Born to a well-known surfing family in Florianopolis, Mateus has earned a reputation of his own in the surf world. He’s won a varsity of international events, including the 2015 TCT World Championships at Lower Trestles, and released a handful of must-watch edits from trips all over the globe. His surfing is fast, fiery and futuristic — and it keeps on getting better and better.

“I’m super excited to join the Quiksilver team,” Mateus said. “The brand has such a deep history in surfing and I look up to a lot of the guys that are currently on the team. I’m stoked to do some trips with everybody and represent Quiksilver in Brazil and around the world!”

According to Mateus, the future of surfing is going to be all about going bigger, higher and deeper. That he’s determined to contribute his very own part to this future strikes you pretty clear when watching him surf.