It’s been a funny old Hawaiian season so far. Finally it’s got a bit good … Here’s filmer Ryan Moss take:

After a long and seemingly endless hibernation, her majesty finally woke up. Pipeline made everyone who was lucky enough to experience these past few days forget that this winter has been one of the most forgettable “Triple Crown Seasons” in over the past decade. Once again the Da Hui Backdoor shootout provided some incredible opportunities for local and international Pipeline specialist. This four minute short film is a compilation of some of my favorite highlights I was fortunate enough to witness first hand over the past couple of weeks.

A huge thank you to Tai Van Dyke, Jason Shibata, Lugo, Tom Carey and the rest of the Volcom boys for letting me use your house as a drone launching pad, charging station, and morning surf check pad.

Thank you to Da Hui for putting on an incredible event and allowing the media guys access to cover it. Even more thanks for not making them wear those ugly neon jerseys.

Music: “Till I Collapse” – Eminem

All production, camera operating, drone operating, water cinematography, editing, coloring: Ryan Moss