Kernow junior Liam Murray Strout has been on a Hawaiian sojourn… Here’s his clip and thoughts.


Cornish grom Liam Murray Strout having fun in Hawaii…

Pubblicato da CARVE Surfing Magazine su Mercoledì 19 aprile 2017

So Hawaii, Where can i start really? It’s amazing! As soon as you get off the plane and into the airport, all you hear is Hawaiian style music all through the airport!

On the trip with me where a few younger kids; Will Masterman, Stan Norman and Jo Morris. They where all super funny kids and charged too on the bigger days out at Sunset! They all got some pretty big ones, especially Will, he definitely caught the biggest wave of the trip out there. We where staying pretty close to Rocky’s so thats where we surfed majority of the time. It was a super good wave and wasn’t too busy, maybe because there really wasn’t that many people around at the time of year in March.

I was only out in Hawaii for about 2 weeks on a surf trip with Surf Solutions and coach Joel Gray. It was an amazing experience going out there, we scored amazing waves, stayed at our own house and ate really good food the whole time. I’ll definitely have to go back there again and spend some more time out there and really see how good the waves can get.

Video by Onterre
Produced by Surf Solutions
Surfer Liam Murray Strout