“WORTH IT” is a film about Alexander Triebels last journey along the atlantic-coast.

“This time i went down there in the middle of the winter.It was a trip full of up and downs, waves i wanted to see brake in a long time, perfekt walls, swells that came or not, challenging weather, good people, lonely times and amazing displays of mother earth.Its a movie for all you surfers who love to travel and go trough so much trouble to in the end find what we love.Come with me and find out what i discovered along my way.

I want to thank everyone who became part of this, aware or unaware. I hope you are all doing great!”

Surfers: Imanol Yeregi, Fritz Aranburu, Andoni Ferna`ndez Ostoloaza, Ruben Vitoria, Pablo Garcia, Indar Unanue, Nano Riego, Miguel Welsh, Lewis Catlin, Matt Connell, Nico Louit, Baptiste Bonhomme and many many more……

special thanks to: Luis Burghardt
( Sounddesign, Recording, and for the endless hours creating the sound of the waves and the background sounds )
……i can not thank you enough!

Director/Camera/Editing by Young-Shoot (Alexander Triebel)

Music: – “Time is the Enemy” by Quantic
– “Outgrown” by Steffen Linck
– “Mom and Dad” by Middel Brother
– “A new Error” by Moderat
– “Lost Highway” by Hank Williams