When to Go

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Finding the perfect wave is all about weather, and seasons. Here’s a few ideas for your next trip.

Spring (March-May)

Gold Coast, early season France, Canaries, early season Bali, early season J-Bay, Maldives (from April), Sri Lanka, New Zealand.

Summer (June-August)

South Pacific, north Atlantic, Indo, South Africa – J-Bay, NSW Aus. Fiji, Peru, Iceland, Mexico, Ecuador.

Autumn (September-November)

France, Northern Spain, Portugal, Ireland, late season Indo, northern Spain, Barbados (from October), early season Canaries, Madeira.

Winter (December-February)

Morocco, Canaries, Algarve, Caribbean – Barbados, Puerto Rico, Domincan Republic; Australia, NZ, Bali, Sumbawa, Durban, Cape Town, Costa Rica.