surfing in barbados

Barbados is a small island (just 25 miles long) situated at eastern end of the Caribbean. It’s a heavily populated, heavily cultivated island which has become an accessible winter home for both British and East Coast US surfers.
The waves All the best waves on Barbados break over coral or rock reefs. Fun, small to medium size waves can be expected most days during the December to March prime season.

Hot spots Duppy’s, on the northern tip of the island, often produces the hottest waves going – long walling rights which break a quarter-of-a-mile out to sea. Soup Bowl, at Bathsheba on the east coast, is Barbados’ most famous and consistent spot; the wedgy hollow rights can be super fun, but get there early because the wind often goes onshore by mid morning.
Freights, on the southern end of the island, is a magic once-in-a-blue-moon spot which offers long fast hollow lefts on a huge wrapping swell.

Accommodation Barbados is geared up for tourists of all types. Every type of accommodation is available, from glitzy mega-buck hotels, to self-catering apartments (£500-£700 per month).

Food and drink Hot and spicy is the way people in Barbados like their food. Flying fish is one of the many specialities. Banks beer and Mount Bay rum provide cheap and highly palatable lubrication.

Nightlife There are loads of dance clubs to check out, playing every type of music from calypso to dub to techno; most charge around £10 to get in, which includes as much beer as you can drink. Bargain! The Harbour Lights and After Dark (on the outskirts of Bridgetown) are recommended.

Don’t miss Jump aboard the Jolly Roger replica pirate ship and go for a mega food ‘n booze cruise up the west coast.
Hazards Sharp reefs and abundant sea urchins will be the major hassles for the travelling surfer. Also be aware that anything not tied down is likely to ‘walk’.

How to get there Flights to Barbados (Air Caledonia and other airlines) start at around £335; but if you’re only going for a couple of weeks a package deal may be the best bet.