TCSS Fin Guide 2015

The Critical Slide Society


A medium size upright fin with a small amount of tip flex, designed to be super responsive and provide a nice amount of drive and projection, suited to small and medium size single fin, egg and two plus one boards. I use a similar design in a lot of 5’ – 7’boards as a single and as a centre with side bites.

Measures: 8.5” high, 6.75” base
– T Bexon

Mick Rodgers

The template was based on two iconic fins, the Greenough 4A and the Lance Carson rake. I took the leading edge of the 4A and added the tip of the Carson. The idea is to have the drive of the overall Greenough-esq design yet still retaining push through the turns with the added surface area in the tip. The straight up and down outline allows for solid hold on the nose. A great overall log fin.

Measures:10.5” high, base 8”
– Mick Rodgers


The template was taken from a 1966 Kevin Platt model KEYO and exceptional performer in its time. I am proud to reintroduce this piece of KEYO history and let it critically slide through history.

Measures: 11” high, 8” base
– Jonny Gill