Slater gets his car waxed


Kelly Slater has had his car waxed in what seems to be some sort of expression of indignation at his comments on how crowded the Superbank is.

The Champ posted the pic on his Instagram account saying “Such great respect surfers have for each other around these parts,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “ … Maybe he’ll brag to his friends and I find out who he is so that I can thank him in person and return the favour.”

Slater who had been surfing D’Bah was previously pictured as “A face in the crowd” amongst the Snapper madness explaining,

“The crowds here are like nothing I’ve ever seen in the world …It’s really, really tough for one person to get space in the water and it’s mostly not fun.”

Apparently some locals didn’t agree with his comments and pointed out they felt he was part of the problem. Surfing Queensland spokesman Ben Whitmore Slater was entitled to speak out and maybe the attention would help find a solution.

“I have seen about six people in the past few days with oxygen masks on getting medical help after surfing at Snapper. It is a recipe for disaster.”

Snapper and the Superbank have been one of the most crowded breaks in the world for many years particularly at this time of year when tourists and the pros turn up to visit. Add to that a hugely growing population and the Gold Coasts coastal development and you can see why problems occur. Ironically some surfers are calling for more breaks to be created along one of the most wave rich stretches of coast on the planet.

To be honest add to the crowds the seemingly continuing decline in respect for basic surf etiquette, increasing injuries, and SUP’s in crowded surf zones that we are all seeing around the globe and you can see Slaters point.