The Carve Cover Story – Mission Possible


We are very proud to have Ramón Navarro on our cover this month. The Chilean big wave charger has been a key player in highlighting and fighting coastal development around his home of Punta Lobos and along the coast of South America. Having been highly involved in fighting for cleaner seas since 1989, and the protection of our coast by setting up Surf Reserves since 1993 we at Carve know what it takes to stand up and try and take on obstinate and financially motivated politicians and company directors.

As Ramón makes his way over to the UK for the Global Wave Conference we interview him about his fight highlighted in the film ‘The Fisherman’s Son’. The cover, our post and getting you to reading this are our small way of standing alongside Ramón in the fight to save surf spots, our environment and educate those in power of the value of our environment.

Chile is along way from a lot of us, but we are lucky enough to have a common thread through surfing, and an intimate understanding of the value of waves, coastline and clean oceans. In a lot of ways his fight is our fight and it is a fight that is well worth having.

There is much to love about this shot; a surfer who grew up from modest beginning charging a huge wave at his local spot. The skill of the photographer, the beauty and majesty of the wave, even the little wind turbine in the background has a significance. It is a moment in time frozen for eternity that will stare out from newsstands, coffee tables and internets and be remembered for a long, long time to come. But most of all we hope people will remember the back story of a surfer trying to protect his coast, and be inspired and get involved to fight for their piece of coast. Whether by picking up a litter at a local beach, engaging local surf communities or taking the fight right to the top of the political agenda we can all make a difference in protecting global surf spots, and as a result our environment.

The mission is possible, but the fight will be long, sometimes it will seem unending, and some you will not win, but at the end of the day when you look back at and ask ‘What did it prove?’ You will be able to answer ‘It proved we stood.’ And sometimes that is all the justification you need.

Want to help?
Save The Waves is working with Ramón and local community activists at Punta de Lobos to preserve and protect the unique coastline of one of Chile’s most iconic surf spots. With both rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity, the place is also home to a traditional fishing community, who hand-harvest kelp, shellfish and other local fish species. Recently approved as a World Surfing Reserve, the goals of the campaign are to safeguard marine and terrestrial biodiversity, protect surf resources, and preserve the fishing community’s traditional fishing rights. For more information about the campaign here:


'The Bomb' – Chile's JC Lombardi blows up!

Wow. We knew Chile had good waves and a certain amount of talent, but this vid is pretty nuts!
One of the most popular surfers from Chile: JC Lombardi. We are just going to call him ‘The Bomb’ cos he just blew the doors off this one!

Song: Flume – Left Alone