Fresh Tracks in Peru … Thanks To El Nino


El Nino was kind to Peru, big swells means opportunity to explore corners that are normally flat. Alvaro Malpartida and Cristobal de Col scored for their effort…


The essence of Surf Travel

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Surf Travel – The complete guide is a book from the publishers of Carve which covers every aspect of surf travel and exploration: where to go, where to stay, what equipment to take, how to get in shape for your trip, how to stay healthy abroad, and how to make the most of your time away. Packed with essential tips and awesome photos, Surf Travel will inspire you to pack your boardbag and head off to find the waves of your dreams.

The main section of the book focusses on the classic surfing destinations such as the Gold Coast, the North Shore, the Maldives, Indo, the Canaries, Costa Rica, Morocco, Barbados, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Tahiti, France and Southern California. Each location is described and dissected, with insider tips about the best spots and how to score primo conditions. Several less-well known areas such as the Lakshadweep Islands, Samoa, Mozambique and Papua New Guinea are also included for those who thirst for pristine, uncrowded waves. All kinds of priceless advice is offered by a writing team of experienced travellers who’ve put in the hard yards, and the images are provided by some of the world’s best lensmen (including Andrew Shield, Alan van Gysen, Pete Frieden, Mickey Smith, DJ Struntz, Simon Williams and Tim McKenna).

Other sections of the book cover essential equipment, gadgets, fitness, photography, air travel, surf camps, cold water destinations, boat trips and road trips. Twelve of the greatest surf travellers are also profiled, from original pioneers like Peter Troy and Wayne Lynch through to modern-day surf explorers like Brian Conley and Anthony Walsh.

The book also includes a comprehensive information section where you’ll find listings of the coolest annual events and the best surf travel companies, plus lots of sound advice about staying safe abroad.

The idea of travelling to remote, far-off places can seem daunting at first. But the more organised you are, the easier travelling becomes. Preparation is key, and Surf Travel will both inform and inspire. “Go out there and search for your own paradise,” urges Walshy in the book’s foreword. “When you find it, the waves you’ll score will outweigh all the dramas along the way and make everything worthwhile.”