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Carve Magazine Issue 192

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No complaints about autumn 2018 here. What a banger, for those on the left coast that is, the right coast and Norse Shore have got the rest of the winter to play catch up.
A whole brace of banging days, solid swells and good times across Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Ireland and even some cheeky moments on the Channel coast. All served with mild weather, hell, even sunshine.
It was one of those autumns that we’ll get to tell the groms about in the future. This is an ‘it was better in the old days’ season of days to come. It sure as hell rights the ledger for the woeful spring and summer. So on balance 2018 turned out nice.
It certainly makes making a magazine easier, most of the year we’ve had very thin pickings from pumping sessions at home. Now, in classic boom or bust style, we’ve got enough shots to do a magazine somewhere in the region of a 1000-pages thick.
But that would be unwieldy. You might get trapped on the toilet under it. Not to mention the postage to subscribers being a bit eye-watering. The postie, who surfs and is on good terms with us, would prob nail our door shut.
It’s been a real joy seeing the work of a new generation of photographers drop into my inbox. After twenty years in the game seeing shots that aren’t rehashes of other shooters concepts or variations on a theme is a treat.
Creativity is alive and well in British and Irish surfing folks: new angles, fresh eyes on old spots, new tech making working in our weak, wintery light doable. So it’s a pleasure to bring you a healthy dose of bangers from home in this issue like this one here, from Jack Abbott, a golden slice of Wales with Patrick Langdon Dark providing a flash of colour and action. It’s possibly my favourite photo of the year. Making the most of every situation is the key to any job, even more so as a surf shooter. I worked with Jack on a project in autumn, and he’s a guy you’ll be seeing more of in the future.
There’s a swag of other exciting, fresh talents throughout the magazine alongside some of the salty sea dogs you know well.
So here’s to a classy year done well, may your winter be full of waves, laughs and good people. Enjoy the festive season, have a mince pie on us, and may your wetsuit never be left out to become an icicle.
Roll on 2019, we’re back strong as ever with another eight issues of filth, so subscribe and join us for the ride.

Cheers n’ gone.



*The jury is still out on who the first surfers were, the Polynesians on their carved wooden craft or the Peruvians and their reed-based goat boats. It’s kind of nice not to know. Imagine if we knew who the first surfer was and they were an utter douchebag?