A Barrel A Day…

California Love, shot looking into sunrise at the cali wedge on a perfect 4-6 feet morning
The endless variety and beauty of breaking waves is one of the things that makes surfing so magical. Nature’s finest show of physics at play. This gallery is from Adam Duffy, a man with with plenty of Air Miles under his belt and memory bank of beautiful moments. Here are some of his choice cuts from all over the world.
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Cloudbreak, Fiji, 1 if not the best left hand reef wave in the pacific! Firewater, Shot in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil just days before the WCT event, a flash was used to light up the wave Jaws, Hawaii, shot at the almight jaws on Maui this last winter, this is a 30 foot tube Perfect View, shot at Teahupo, Tahiti from inside the tube, a notoriously shallow and dangerous spot to surf and shoot as you are often behind the peak Sao Conrado, RIO, Brazil, shot in brazil, this wave is situated directly under a huge favela(slum), on its day is arguably the best wave in Brazil Snapper, Gold coast, a shot you dont see here very often as the line-up usually is flooded with people scrambing for waves Teahupoo, Tahiti Inside out, another shot from inside the tube at Teahupoo, extra hollow for your viewing pleasure