Northcore Winter Wetsuit Accessories

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Waterproof Changing Mat

This tough, waterproof bag folds out into a flat 1metre diameter changing mat you can stand on to whilst getting changed. It’s perfect for use in carparks when getting out of wetsuits. Just throw all the wet gear into the bag, pull up the drawstrings and it’s packed neatly away. The material is fully waterproof and very heavy duty so can be washed down and wont leak if a wetsuit is left inside it. Plus there’s also a handy tarpee pocket for storing surf wax! £16.99


"Beach Basha" Changing Robe

The "Beach Basha" is made from 100% terry toweling, with a built in hood which helps dry your hair and keeps out the wind on chilly days. The arm holes are designed to allow access into the robe so you can change without baring all to the world! 100% 380gsm Cotton Terry Toweling, One size fits all (for older children and adults). £28.99


Car Seat Cover

At last, there’s now a car seat cover out there designed with boardriders in mind. This is a top of the line tough waterproof cover which will fit most single car and van seats. Great when you can’t be bothered to change out of your wetsuit to go to another spot or get home, just jump in the car and go. Fits most car and van seats and even allows access for armrests. £19.99


"Hook Up" Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger

The Northcore™ "Hook Up" hanger is a versatile silicone rubber coated magnet designed to allow hanging of wetsuits on flat metal surfaces meaning wetsuits can be hung from cars hatchbacks and doors without fear of scratching the paint work or them falling off. The 65mm diameter magnet has a 20kg pull strain which is sturdy enough to easily support a soaking wet 6mm winter wetsuit. Stick it on and hang your kit! £9.99