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Jim Banks


6’6" x 21.25" x 2 11/16"
fins: FCS Fusion + 1 Single Fin
Shaper: Jim Banks

Inspired by the winged pintails that he blitzed onto the scene with in the early 70s, the Jim Banks’ ’73 has its fuel tank loaded with nitro. All you have to do is put your foot to the floor! Swoop, pick your moment, and slice this bad boy into the waves like a hot knife through butter. With a subtle single to double concave, flat rocker and pronounced hip, this board is all about speed, control and, most importantly, a ton of fun. Ride as a quad or a single fin with a single box plus 4x FCS Fusion plugs.


Jim Banks

Carpet Burner

5’10" x 21" x 2 3/8"
fins: Quad
Shaper: Jim Banks

A European exclusive to Down The Line Surf Co. Jim Banks’ Carpet Burner is an even faster version of his much loved Magic Carpet. Retaining the generous concave and flat rocker but in a fuller outline, the Carpet Burner is a board that will fly in pretty much any kind of wave – whilst still offering control in juicier situations thanks to it’s refined tail contours. Hand made by Jim Banks and his team in Australia and featuring an exquisite resin tint with four FCS Fusion fin boxes.


Jim Banks

Zen Glide

7’5" x 21.25" x 2 7/8"
fins: Longboard Box + 4 x FCS Fusion Plugs
Shaper: Jim Banks

A 70s inspired glide machine with single to double concave which is a nifty alternative to longboard style mid-lengths. Cruise through your turns in waves from 2 to 10 feet. With a longboard fin box + 4x FCS Fusion plugs, you can ride this as a single fin, quad or 2+1. Beautiful resin tint and flawless workmanship from one of the aristocrats of Australian surfboard manufacturing.


Rolled Vee

Specifications: Volan – 8’0" x 22 1/4" x 2 7/8" Shaper: Larry Allison

The Rolled Vee is the board to ride as an alternative to clunky longboards. ‘Up’ rails running through the nose to 50/50 flowing seamlessly into 60/40, and into ‘down’ rails towards the tail… together with a rolled vee throughout the bottom, really allows you to surf this board on the rail. Perfect for guys not wanting to ride longboards but still wanting that trim feeling, with the manoeuvrable benefits of a shorter board and still being able to surf it properly and put it on its rail.



Specifications: 9’2" x 22 5/8" x 3" Shaper: Bing Copeland

In the 1960s the Bing Noserider and Lightweight models set the standard for perfection. Today, that model of excellence is the new Bing Elevator. Combining concave and a step deck in the nose with a subtle tail rocker for well balanced lift suitable for mind-altering noserides. The flex in the nose allows you to lock into the pocket and pump down the line, while the lift in the tail stabilizes the board allowing you to find the sweet spot with ease. Unlike many noseriders of the past, the Elevator holds its forward projection and is easily piloted through hard directional pivots off the tail. 2-stringer (bass), black foam tband, red T+B, patch, single box.

Morning of the Earth

Swallow channel botttom single fin

6’0" x 19 7/8" x 2 7/8"
Shaper: Simon Jones

This board is an impeccably crafted, retro-inspired single fin flyer. With 6 channels, low rocker, and plenty of thickness through the nose, this board is built for relaxed, flowing turns in clean waves. The likes of Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore have regularly ridden Jones’ single fin shapes in recent years. Partly to sharpen their surfing (single fins require precise back foot surfing and deft rail work). But also because when approached in the right mindset (go with the flow, don’t push too hard) single fin shortboarding is a whole lotta fun. And single fin shortboards simply don’t get any better than this! Handmade Wizz fin by renowned Aussie fin meastro Wayne Rickards included.




Speed Square

4’6" X 22 3/4" X 3"
Shaper: Matt Calvani

Bing team rider Chris Del Moro has collaborated with Matt Calvani to recapture the magic of the Mach 7-7 bodyboard of his childhood days in this modern-day twin-finned shortboard – the Speed Square. Because of its short length, Matt added belly in the nose with a quick transition into a hard, tapered rail in the tail so that the board would be quick and responsive. He added a deep straight concave that runs from where your front foot sits through the tail of the board to gain efficiency in glide and maintained thickness in the tail to improve glide and wave-catching ability. The small twin keels maintain a "fin-less" riding quality but still allowing for some control. Ride it short, ride it fast and get ready for a whole lot of fun!



Stand Up Spoon

5’8" x 22" x 2 1/4"
Shaper: Larry Allison

The Stand Up Spoon was designed after years of surfing the Spoon, when the guys at Vouch decided they wanted to make a smaller Displacement Hull work with a scooped out spoon looking deck…. So they did, and they absolutely nailed it! With the same bottom curves as all of the Vouch Displacement Hulls, surfing the Stand Up Spoon won’t be as intense as the others and if anything will be a whole heap easier to ride.


Levitator 9’0"

Specifications: 9’0" x 231/2" x 2 3/4" Shaper: Bing Copeland RRP: £950

The Bing Levitator certainly lives right up to its name. Adopting a similar but more blended deck and rockerline to the Bing Elevator, the Levitator combines a relaxed step deck and slight concave with a wide outline and foiled 50/50 rails, allowing you to defy the laws of gravity and noseriding. Find yourself clearing through every section you encounter while still hanging ten with insane amounts of speed on the nose. Where the Elevator is more ideal in steeper beach break style waves, the Levitator works best in waves with a little more slope, like your local point or reef break. Ideal for people who like more volume with stability, glide and lift in the nose, the Levitator is an easy beginner noserider as well as a versatile board for the more advanced surfer.


Bonneville (Ice)

Specifications: 9’6" x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8" Shaper: Chris Christenson

Chris says "Mitch Abshere and I have been working on this design for a while and we have finally nailed it. The narrower nose with the wide point well behind centre help this board turn and pivot on a dime and with the reverse rocker and extra tail kick it can nose ride with the best. This board has a shallow nose concave that goes almost to the mid-point and soft 50/50 rails all the way thru the tail. I expect this model to be one of my best selling logs soon"


Dead Sled

Specifications: 9’4" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" Shaper: Chris Christenson

Christenson’s Dead Sled is the perfect log for both beach and point breaks. It’s a great all-rounder because of the parallel outline and the rolled vee in the tail, which makes for easy rail to rail transitions. With this shape the 50/50 rails are slightly pinched throughout the board and the generous concave in the nose also enhances the perfect amount of lift whilst poised on the nose. All the while the boards reverse rocker will promote forward trim whilst allowing it to stay buried in the curl for major tip time.


C Bucket

Specifications: 6’6" Shaper: Chris Christenson

Chris says, "This has been my best selling mid length the past few years. Low rails, low rocker, and a complex bottom contour, this board can handle a variety of conditions. This is more or less the mini-version of my Glider design. Great for trim and glide keeping it smooth and casual for the expert and also a great design for the novice to cruise on and gain style points. This design also rides the barrel well on those stiff offshore days and the added length will let you sit deeper than the rest of the pack"


Sub Mariner 6’6"

Specifications: 6’6" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8" Shaper: Chris Christenson

Chris says, "This is my current displacement hull design. This design has a very low rocker for effortless drive and trim. The bottom is complex, featuring convex and concave planing surfaces that transition together smoothly. I recommend riding this board with a flex fin 11 ½" up from the tail and stringerless to allow the board to load and spring"