Home Grown: Jacca Deeble


I’m Jacca Deeble. I’m 17 and live in Zennor. I started filming about a year ago. I tend to try and film in between surfing and school, so there’s a bit of a lack of time. 
First real thing I filmed was an entry for the Nike ‘Chosen’ competition. It was kinda the first edit where I put time in and shot over a week or so rather than doing small 1 day clips. Our ‘crew’ was 4 of us; Josh Barrow, Aaron Roberts, Tris Searight and then me. Although it felt good to shoot people surf with some sort of aim for the finished product, it was hard trying to make it to rules and to use a soundtrack from approved songs which made it quite limiting. We actually thought we’d won something as we came first in the UK surfing, but sadly not.
Since then I have shot with Josh and Aaron quite a bit, making edits for their joint blog, Dospersona. Going to be working with them this summer on their new blog making monthly videos. Filmed a bit other stuff like skate and mountain bike but isn’t really as fun as filming surf i don’t find.  Most recently I shot  a small video called TR27. This was shot a few weeks ago and included Josh and Aaron, and a bunch of other guys. Hope you enjoy…